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Be sure to compare wedding insurance quotes from various reliable companies and try to get reviews from friends or colleagues. Many companies also provide wedding loans, but we suggest do not spend too much on the wedding, instead, invest in your and your family's future. And be sure to locate the nearest wedding registry, as under most laws, it is compulsory to register your marriage.

For wedding announcements, you could go for affordable yet custom photo wedding invitations. If you have the budget, hire a good wedding DJ or singer. And since its a once in a lifetime ceremo ny, be sure to arrange for wedding video recording. Almost nowhere a wedding is complete without wedding rings. A gold one instead of a diamond one can be a lifelong investment as well. For y our guests, you can prepare custom wedding gift baskets. Remember to pay special attention to the reception venue and the ambience, and of course, caterers providing tasty and healthy vegetarian food to spread the love among one and all.